Saturday, March 30, 2019

I am happy to say I have now been using CBD oil for nearly a month.  I started out with a small dose for first couple of weeks, and only once a day in the morning.  When I began taking CBD  I was having some significant pain in my back and legs.  I feel like the tincture of CBD reduced the inflammation, and therefore made my pain decrease with a relaxed feeling.  Nothing dramatic, very subtle overall release of tention.  So, now I have increased the dose to 1 dropper full of a 475 mg of CBD full spectrum solution, processed with ethanol extraction.  I went with this choice, and bought it locally from brick and mortar establishment, for it’s affordable price point.  The company Lazarus, chooses to keep their cost down to ensure those on a limited budget can afford to purchase.  I really liked this fact, because just starting to learn about the benefits, and only experimenting for myself, I did not want to throw a lot of money out yet!  I’m still not convinced that CBD tincture is the best method of use.  I have heard my friends say they have benefited more, received faster direct relief from using topical salves.  I intend to try the topical application the next time I get the chance. Thanks and have a blessed day

Healing Journey Beginnings